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Key technology


Drying means dehydration, which means taking out the moisture part of the organic waste. 

In other words, it means the whole other parts remains as original, which is the beauty of the drying technology.

To show the moisture part and solid part change of drying process, please see below picture. 

During drying process, as repeatedly mentioning, the moisture part is being taken out only, while the other solid part is remaining as it is.

Therefore, if there is 100kg of food waste that has 80% of moisture contents, and drying this food waste with GAIA’s product until 4.8% of moisture contents, then you will have 21kg of dried food waste.

In other application, if you have big facility and drying 50 metric ton of food waste daily that has 80% of moisture contents, and drying this until around 5% of moisture contents, then you will have 10.5 metric ton of dried food waste every day.


Food itself has good and different nutrition, but when we do not eat and keep it well the food and any type of organic waste will spoil and eventually have very bad smell—odor.

If organic waste treating or recycling machine cannot resolve this odor problem, then actually the manufacturer should never think of launching the product, because this odor is not just one simple odor that can be handled by microorganism or fresh air and so on. When such different organic are mixed, especially when different foods are mixed in waste bin, then the odor is very much mixed and this is called complex odor.

In addition, there are VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), which means such organic that even melts within liquid and gives bad smell to people, which is exactly what sewage sludge and spoiled food waste does.

GAIA has patents that are implemented for the products so the odor is completely blocked and there is no odor around the machineries.


Without having crushing machines, GAIA technology already has crushing system embedded, so that all dried material comes out in powder form.


GAIA dries organic waste in high temperature, so that all pathogen, germs, bacteria, virus are going to be killed during the drying process.

The bacteria and virus usually are killed higher than 70℃ and longer than 1 hour, or 80℃ and longer minutes, and GAIA products are in operation with higher temperature, so all harmful virus are killed.


Because of the functions above no. 1~4, the dried material is ready to recycle, and there are 3 (three) options for recycling. The dried material is also called as 'Biomass', you can recycle biomass as Animal feed, Fertilizer/Compost and Fuel.

1) Animal feed

2) Fertilizer

3) Fuel

Drying Result

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